by Zoe A. Choo

Today’s Hari Raya Haji here in Singapore. Waking up to the entire family awake before me is like waking up on Christmas mornings (well almost) – there’s this warmth in the atmosphere, along with a tinge of nostalgia from the same security we failed to appreciate when we were too young to watch PG-13.

So mum and dad took it upon themselves to do some cooking at home because cooking is fun and it saves us a lot sores from the rest of humanity (not a good thing). But heck, they cooked a feast – that was for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the four of us today, and maybe tomorrow’s breakfast. Mum loves leftovers, not at first, she grew up in a very poor family and eating leftovers has became a favourite tradition between my mum and I now.

I’ve another religion called, “eat-halfway-change-palate” but that’s a useless information.

So I also caught 3 Idiots with princess (my brother). I loved the film so much I went on with my day being exceptionally biased towards Indians. Seriously, I’m recommending everyone to add this in their education.

We are all familiar with this strange feeling we get after watching a good movie, especially when the movie is serious – it’s almost real when you feel you don’t belong in reality. So I felt a little empty – well a movie is never really fulfilling, in fact it is just an escape. Then I was slowly being smothered by the walls of my house.

Change clothes. Grabs keys. Grabs bag. Out the door!

I was riding Steve (my bicycle) all around central Singapore and I instantly felt better. (CURSE YOU WALLS!!!) I was on an adventure again, cycling on and off roads and sidewalks. I had no idea where I was headed to (that’s the fun of it), and I made sure I took a path I didn’t take before – so to discover, to explore. After all, we’re all in a hyper, ever-evolving concrete jungle and I’m no longer an egg in some nest.

Sometimes I think I’m a bird, sometimes I think I’m a cat.
Sometimes dad tells me to be a horse.
Sometimes people tell me to be an ox, or an ant.
Sometimes maybe a snake, sometimes maybe a cheetah.

Whatever. The idea is we do what we do best, there is no point trying to sing like a nightingale when you’re a shark, go swim. (okay please watch 3 Idiots) We are responsible for our own lives. Us. And with that, we can subsequently be responsible for the intercepting lives in our lives. (like Rancho from 3 Idiots)

So I cycled dangerously for a couple of hours and bought myself loads of froyo (yay!). I didn’t manage to meet strangers like how I’d normally do but that doesn’t matter – I had an incredible time doing what I love.