by Zoe A. Choo

I recently caught a movie called Rush with my princess Oswin and buddy Calvin, I can say it was a good movie. Basically, the movie is about the rivalry between two very different people, James Hunt (probably an ENFP) and Niki Lauda (perhaps an ISTJ), from the verge of entering into the F1 race and on till winning the World Championship. (In case, you’re wondering what those alphabets mean – they’re a personality type and there are 16 types in total. You can do this quiz here to find out yours and thank me by sharing love through share buttons)

Anyway here’s the trailer.

“A wise man will learn more from his enemies than a fool will from his friends.”

The take-home from the movie was this quote by Niki Lauda that I adored so much.

Brilliant quote, now the question is, “Who are your real enemies?”. That difficult person we all encounter does not count – they might well be liken to the robbed and wounded man the Good Samaritan encountered on his way (x). Someone once told me, “The ones that are harder to love are the ones who needs it more.“. (This is one of those quotes I keep inside me.)

Bottom line, difficult people, fun people, nice people, strange people – we all learn from one another. We are our (to each other) next best teacher to experience.

Our past (the people we meet and the experiences we have) – resulting in memories.

I catch myself reminiscing on a past and for a moment I wished I was back then again. I believe we all do this from time to time and that’s good, that means that we had spent a part of our lives well, evidently with the good memories we all dearly miss. Of course, I snapped out of it before I start dwelling too much into the past, I know my future is going to be better.

Then, what about the bad ones? A friend told me how wasted everything seem (with reference to the story from my previous post), and ladies and gentlemen, the waste is not waste! (No intentions of subliminal recycling message)

Bad memories are only around to fuel a better future, we use waste for fuel. Whatever we thought was waste, is only fuel.

As for me, I’m only a better person in Christ, through Christ. (“I am who I am by the grace of God.”) I never knew life till I accepted Christ again after crying so emotionally on a Saturday afternoon over six years ago in a church service, in His tangible presence. Right now my terrible past has only fueled me towards a better future, life is only compounding the experiences from the past for fueling the God-given dreams of the future. My life is not a bed of roses after that, but it has been hopeful and thrilling.

Don’t you worry when everything around you seems crap, just yesterday I cried my face off because things seemed crap so trust me, I understand bumps in life, but we know that pain is part and parcel of growing, we move ahead and get better.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

“The worst forms of depression are cured when Holy Scripture is believed.” — Charles Spurgeon

I’ve a thing for quotes and remember, we’re all in this fight together. WHOOP WHOOP.