by Zoe A. Choo

I was bathing and there was the word “co-creations”on my Sunsilk shampoo bottle and there and then…. AN EPIPHANY!! (Inspiration too)

Now, what is Creation? God, as we all know, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, made us in His likeness and with that, we were also given creative power to co-create with Him. So biologically, we are made with a function to create! (Note: The actual definition of co-create is entirely different, I’m writing off whatever comes to my brain and my idea of co-create is most probably what you’ve initially thought.)

SO, we are creative beings. I am very sure no one taught me to imagine, I simply did and I enjoy doing it so much. I’d play pretend and imagine myself on an adventure in a lost island and when I got a little older, I’d imagine myself arriving at my school’s assembly on a helicopter. I was constantly creating stories in my head – sometimes I lived in them. Alright, most of the time.

We ALL have creative power running through our veins. Some create music. Some create stories. Some create ideas. Some create machines. Some create babies. (And the list goes on.) The whole world revolves around creation! In fact, it is. There is power in creation, and we have power over our own creations.

Yet as an average citizen, our creativity is naturally subdued along the years of growing up with everything planned and ready for us. Convenience and comfort can lead us towards ignorance and restricts creativity, which actually leaves us handicap. (Here’s a post on things that hinders creativity.) There is so much we can do – impact and influence, with creativity. 

Therefore, I believe more than ever, we need to exercise our creative juice constantly – make room for it! Who knows, if one of us has a good enough creation, we may be changing the world! Of course this is all in God’s prerogative, but we play our part, we do what we’ve got to do.

HomeworkCreate something out of a flow! (This is really important, the creative process has feel like a flow, a river.) Write a new song, a blog post or cook up a new dish or even a solution for a problem. GO GO GO.