Making the best of what we have.

by Zoe A. Choo

Cooking, is a big part and love of my life, I absolutely love food and everything about it. I cook and bake almost everyday.

Dinner was decided and settled to be home-cooked instead of dine-out today. Due to my epic eczema episode, I’ve turned towards the Autoimmune Protocol and has been surfing for recipes off the net ever since and all you home cooks or bakers out there can sympathize how annoying it gets when we lack the ingredients needed at home and we are hungry and we search for another recipe and other ingredients don’t fit and finally we have no choice but to make do with it. 

But it suddenly hit me, that I don’t necessarily have to follow a recipe. In fact, that was actually how I began to love cooking, I could “feel” my food, improvise, create. It was always just whipping up whatever ingredients I have at home into something healthy and delicious. (In addition we’ve Instagram to share our accomplished meals.)

It is evident that people who make out the best with what they have tend to be happier and more successful. Plus, I personally testify that theory myself. 

A lot about being happy is about counting our blessings. I realised that in the midst of searching for the perfect way to cook my fish, and with almost every recipe not in my favor, I’ve not only made myself discontented in the process but I’ve also capped my freedom of creativity. Simply making the best with what we have at hand saves us much necessary unhappiness and optimizes productivity.  

Besides counting our blessings, a sure boost to happiness, is being thankful for each little blessings everyday. Tossing the heart of thanksgiving aside, or simply letting that slip away (which is more subtle, that makes it deadlier), is equivalent to losing an essential joy generator. Giving thanks puts focus and magnifies each blessings in forms of joy, nourishing life. (Now start thinking about the awesome things that has happened this year!) 

Well, I thank God so much for 2013 – every single experience, friendships forged and lessons learnt. It was a brilliant year indeed. I don’t even know how to go about talking about how awesome this year has been. Life with God is always an adventure, and I know for sure it is going to be more awesome in 2014. New challenges. New victories. Bring it.