Hello, fabulous future!

by Zoe A. Choo

Twice, I’ve came across to-do alarms about writing to my future self – firstly on This Book Will Change Your Life (bought from a random La Salle book sale at only SGD10) back in 2013 and then just yesterday mum showed me this article and I thought, yup, I’ve got to do this.

Here we go.

Dear Zoe,

Well this is awkward, writing to future me. Hello future me. It’s been what, 10 years now. I hope you’re married, honestly, to a hot and intelligent dude who loves God hopefully even more than you. More than that, I hope you love God so much more now, and I hope you’re serving Him with all that you can. I’ve just graduated from SOT last year, and you better have all that you’ve learnt intact and deeply ingrafted into your being.

Well now, I love you. That’s something you were learning this year, and perhaps your growing up years. I hope that you’ve truly learnt and understood that it’s God’s love and grace that has made it all possible for you now. Are you like a speaker now? Or a sort of, I don’t know. Cook? Home cook? Remember you love cooking so much, and cycling, swimming, running, climbing, exploring. How many mission trips have you been on till date? (Please tell yourself it’s more than 10) Do you have kids? Are you taking a good care of mum and dad? Please never forget how much they love you and how much they’ve been through for you, you must give them a good life regardless.

I hope you’re a successful woman somewhere, making a difference, impacting lives, helping others and ultimately shining for Jesus. Remember the Beattitudes. Remember it’s a daily surrender. Remember God’s goodness. Remember to never stop praying. Never stop seeking God.

I hope your extended family is saved. I hope Wanyi’s mum is saved hahahaha. Write back to me, especially about how City Harvest Church is doing right now. That church is one of your raison d’etre.

Writing to you makes me so excited for the future. I really know God has great plans for us. Please write to your next future self, tell your family to do so too. Do a time capsule together.

P.S, just in case, if you’re not how I hope you’ll turn out to be, it’s fine. Just put God first and hold His promises close to you. He doesn’t fail. His mercies endures forever.

Zoe, 21.

Now, start writing your own.