by Zoe A. Choo

It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. Quite frankly, I might have fallen into what has been known as a dangerous pit called The Idleness and I’ve justify my acts of laziness with my current condition – Red Skin Syndrome, which is excusable, and also abused.

I’ve been on hiatus, shutting out most of life, which is an irony, given that my name is Zoe – Life (Gr.).

Perhaps I found that life, ironically speaking again, gets easier like that. Perhaps I’ve given up fighting although I’m not quite sure what I was fighting for in the first place. Was it a fight of faith? Then again I’m quite sure my faith in God is still very strong. Perhaps it’s because it is not a fight but a wait and in a wait, there is really nothing much I can do. With that, waiting, I’ve allowed myself to, idle.

I do fear complacency and I despise idleness by nature.

To be honest I am actually quite lost. I can’t run, I can’t sleep – figuratively and literally and I am going to refrain from thinking myself into confusion and turmoil.

And yes, I am in a fight, and I am still fighting because it is the best choice I have, this fight of perseverance.

Snap out of your self-inflicting thoughts Zoe and lean on God.