by Zoe A. Choo

Took the Talent Today test, just so I can know more about myself (or kill time) and I found myself very torn between most options, almost as if I didn’t have a sort of identity anymore and I found myself in a subtle form of death. Had my idleness brought my soul into slumber? Halfway on my route of self-reproach again on being so idle, I got reminded that all things work together for the good of those who loves Him. And I love God, so much… I never ever want to be apart from my Heavenly Father, from Jesus my King, from the Holy Spirit my Lord.

I remember when this thing came up, the verse was “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5), also I will not forget how the Holy Spirit has comforted me so much during this period of time and although I tend to fail, my Father God is not angry with me, because of grace, because of Jesus. I know good things will come out of this, I shall not lose heart, because I have my God who keeps His Word, who says He is with me always. Always. Through this time I know that I am still learning, learning about love, about grace, about perseverance, about meekness, about patience, about long-suffering, about victory, about strength, about courage, about wisdom and about so many things I’ve yet to see happening. I know that all of this is in my Father’s hands and because He loves me, because of Jesus, it’ll all be good. It’ll all be for His glory.

I pray that through this time I’ll still be a blessing to the people around me. I still want to be a vessel for Your love Father, I still want to do great things for You. Yet I also know through this time, the thing I should focus on is my attitude, especially when things gets tough. This I’ve known last year, a year of character-building. Thank You Holy Spirit.

I guess sometimes doing nothing is not that bad, but with that, the state of the mind is challenged, out in the open.

“He will make all things new.”
“And lo, He is with us, always.”