by Zoe A. Choo

Plunging through the wind, head down as her cheeks stretched with her ears. “This is it. I’m going to make it this time round.” she thought in confidence.

“I believe!” she screamed. “I believe!”

There she was, free-falling, in hopes the shadow would take her away this time.

“I believe! I believe! I believe!” she yelled desperately.

The further she fell from the cliff, the closer she was to her commonplace of outcome. She had jumped into another pit of nothing, or this time rather, a pool of closed doors. She had her blustery breezes in exchange for blocked bubbles in her ears as she fell headlong into the river, like how she had her blustery pursuits in exchange for blocked conclusions between her ears.  For that brief moment of blocked bubbles underwater, she fell into oblivion, the kind that is like the first few minutes of awakening after a deep slumber.

Emerging from the waters, she gasped hard for air and quickly found a floating plank of tree bark for support. It began to rain. She laid her head to the side on the plank. Dazed, she spotted a figure swimming towards her from a distance.

“Hello, Baelar.”

Part I.