Always a child.

by Zoe A. Choo

I remember when I was a kid, everything seemed far more beautiful. Everything far bigger. I thought my primary school was liken to an enchanted castle until I got to secondary school.

Back then, we’d make up horror stories and I’d always tried to make sense of things in the most nonsensical way possible. The rain meant it was my good luck day. The wind would carry essences of other dimensions of time with it to me. Playing the string game causes rain. God is in the skies. There were people who could really read minds. I thought I could speak to animals. Harry Potter was almost my everything. I’d write my renditions of the Harry Potter world myself, one of them was filling up an entire notebook while reenacting the part where Harry Potter discovered Tom Riddle’s diary in my head. HAHA.

I think all of us loved a part of us as a kid, drawn back by its innocence, its purity. The times when we had not yet saw ugliness, when we had not been so ugly. The times where irrational possibilities seemed just as possible as the rational ones.

I am so thankful we can be born again, because I am always a child. Even if I grow up, I am still, a child of God and I relish in the fact I can call Him Daddy God.

When I call Him Daddy God, everything seems far more beautiful, even the ugliest of sight, the most broken situations and souls has hopes of restoration. Everything seems bigger, because it is no longer about me and there is so much more to life than, well, life.

It is beautiful.