by Zoe A. Choo

Before I go on with anything else, I just want to say that I am so humbled by God’s love for me. He is there with me through it all, guiding me with patience, in gentle-loving kindness. He knows me inside out and seeks only to love me, to give me the best.

For all of 2014, it has been yet another adventure. Surely there were many tough moments, twice I fell into momentary depression, believing in lies, having distorted thinking yet He never changed. He is still the same God who has loved me only from the start. The same God I spoke to as a kid, the same God all the way and I am so speechless by His love. By all that He has done for me, and more… I can’t believe it. This undeserving redemption, this amazing grace set for all those who believes in Him. He is the God of all.

This year truly, I got to know Him more and I realised I am barely scratching the surface. I have been so blessed. I have only been so privileged to, have Jesus. I thought I’ve grown a lot, but I am nowhere near where I should be. God has so much installed for me, for all of us in fact, if we’d to allow Him.

All these Christian talk may not make sense to some, but, these are my real feelings towards 2014. I’ve came through it a big part of it victoriously only because of Him. In this life of mine, if it is not lived for God, it is a life that’s not worth living.

Now, let me just take time to write about the blessings I’ve received only because of God.

  1. For the first time, I begin to learn to love myself.
  2. Got attached to a very wonderful boyfriend.
  3. Grew closer to God.
  4. Understood so many more truths, was set free in the process.
  5. Got stronger.
  6. Employed by one of the most amazing plans of God, The New Charis Mission.
  7. Got to be a blessing to people.
  8. (There are so much more in little details that can get too longwinded)
  9. Got to know so many more godly people.
  10. Promoted to be in-charge of the media department of TNCM. (and I could hardly get to work)

Those are just the few I could remember. God has blessed me abundantly. Changing and healing me from the inside out. Thank You Jesus.