by Zoe A. Choo

2015 seems puzzling. This year, it seems as if there’s a wave of ‘no new year’s resolutions’. It seems as if 2015 is a part 2 sequel of 2014. Instead, I believe a lot of us start 2015 being thankful for all that 2014 has offered. I believed 2014 has been a heck of a ride for a lot of us, having the biggest blows and yet finding the greatest treasures.

In 2014, I had experienced one the most intense trial of my life. Going through Red Skin Syndrome was not easy at all, less than a month through it I was already almost giving up. Who knew by God’s loving-kindness and grace, it’s been over a year and well, my God is such an amazing God.

In the midst of Red Skin Syndrome last year, where I literally made to stay-home and do nothing but be dependent on my parents made me feel worse than I already did. Having to deal with my fears, in which I had overcame victoriously, that was my self-image. Having made to face this has caused me to realise what love truly is, and what self-love is.

When I began to love myself, God blessed me with a really wonderful guy, Brian, and we got attached in the midst of my toughest time. And all I was seeing was just God working wonders in my life while I stay-home 90% of the time.

I got a job at the best place ever to work at, The New Charis Mission, where everyone loves one another, where we are a God-centered group of people, where I get to be mentored under the most amazing, strong, capable, experienced and humble group of people. I was hardly ever at work and I am so thankful that they understood my condition.

Still, despite all of that I was even promoted, while doing nothing, to be in-charge of the media department at work and thereafter, being sponsored for the school I desired to go to with a GPA of 1.4. Why? Because God is good.

And He just showed me how He has got it all covered, how I don’t have to worry about a single thing and that it is never about really about what I can do but what God can do. It has really been amazing. This is just a summarised version of what has happened this year.

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