In My Arms You’ll Rest (The Father’s Song)

by Zoe A. Choo

You can rest in My arms,
I’ll hold you till the morning comes.
You don’t have to be afraid,
Darling I am are here to stay.

Though the night is dark, you can rest in Me.
Though the night is dark, you don’t have to worry.
Oh the night is dark, but it is finished.
It is finished.

Pour out your praises to Me, my child.
And you will find rest in Me again.
I hear your every cry and prayer.
And you will find peace in Me again.

Your joy comes in the morning,
In my arms you’re safe.
This is the end of your mourning.
I will always keep you safe.

I kinda wrote a song out of a poetry I written, inspired by the Holy Spirit. It was His love for me, and how He was comforting me through the depression I was facing as this sickness took a toll on me. He kept telling me not to be afraid that He has gotten it all covered. He is a good, good Father… Thank You Jesus, and Holy Spirit, and Daddy God.