Merry Christmas

by Zoe A. Choo

2015, as everyone had mentioned, is amongst one of the most eventful times of the year. I do realise how often I say that, my life has been a series of crazy events, yet all in all- it is beautiful; almost like a mess in an order. Wow, to think that I’ve such an amazing Father.

I thought through about 2015 as if it flew past me, so much had happened and for the first time, I actually thought to myself, on how much I’ve actually grown this year. It had been a year where so many of my imprisoning mindset had been broken, where I begin to actually realise my value as a woman with feminine strength, the power to nurture, to heal, to edify, and not just a feminist with anger issue. I learn that as woman, we are to embrace who we are- that our strength comes from exactly doing the things man cannot do, not doing the things they can. I’ve also learned that ego plays no part in growth, and in fact, ego is the very hindrance for growth and fulfilment.


This year, I learned to let go of so many deeply rooted issues. I learned that when they came up, I’d be faced with two options to deal with them, to psychologically make sense of whatever that has happened for the reason for my current being- or I could let it flow, and give a hard memory to God. A lot of times, it isn’t simply letting go of things, it is mostly letting go of ourselves, a self that no longer serves its purpose, an old nature that reeks only of death. This means forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we’ve once gotten ourselves into, and forgiving the people who had once abused us.

I learned how over the years, my value had been dependent of the people around me, but that is not true, our incredibly high, precious value – that Jesus, the King of kings, would totally like fast from heaven and lay His life completely, unreservedly down to save us value – has always been there, until we realised that, that all we were created to be loved by God and we can be His children just by accepting that Jesus died for us. TheGospel iss really so simple. He loves us, and in fact, HE IS LOVE. Until we realise the reality of the Truth, Jesus, our value tends would be determined by the things we do, puffed with pride when what we have can be envied, or degraded when we don’t meet the “standards” – that is ever-changing. Right, I’m beginning to preach too much.


Still, this year has been amazing. Nothing short of it. The friends I’ve made, the healing that took place from and after a “failed” relationship, and this year, instead of saying lessons learnt- as if life was an entire punishment, I’d say values gained.

Soli Deo Gloria. :’)