How I celebrated the New Year.

by Zoe A. Choo

It was magical, not like the kind where we share a kiss on midnight with the one we’re madly in love with- but the kind where you feel a new adventure unfolding in your bone marrow.

Approaching the final hours of 31 December 2015, I was in the company of the best group of people in my life (other than my family), it is my royal family aka my cell group. We were having some time with God in the midst of our celebration and during that, I could almost hear Him whisper, “It is finished.”

I knew for a fact at that moment I wanted to turn to my sister to hug her as if the war we were fighting in was finally over, and that we could finally return to our homes. I opened my eyes and before I could, she grasped her arms around me. We were both in waterfalls, and at that moment, I knew we both understood the same reality. I wanted to reassure her but I was crying too badly to mouth a single word. We quickly straighten ourselves out because it was getting embarrassing as we were the only ones crying, and that terribly.


It also just occurred to me that at the end of 2014, God showed me the word “Fruition” for 2015, and to end 2015 with God whispering “It’s over.” was such a nice touch.


Some of us then went on for the fellowship after fellowship, which is also where another round of magic happens. Where we were all too tired to bother about small talks and where the heart is just vulnerable to whatever sort of comfort we would find in each other, with the presence of God watching us, comforting us.

Despite my skin condition, I found it comforting to my soul that I got to spend my first few hours having dim-sum with a great company, laughing over inside jokes, epic sarcasm and a few dash of cold ones with the all-nighters I know and love, this time with the new faces that tagged along. It felt as if the old group of FAFF (fellowship after fellowship fellowshippers) promoted. Yet we were still provided with the same comfort.

Missing our last ride home as not financially wealthy youths, we played peekaboo with the rain and shelters as we embarked on a journey to find the nearest, comfortable shelter aka luxurious hotel lobbies, for a rest stop and talked till the first transport starts again.


I am so expectant for what God’s about to bring, and after all, our best days are only ahead of us. Thank You Jesus.