God’s Idea of a Birthday Present.

by Zoe A. Choo

For so long I was convinced that I was a pure lesbian, that I’d always end up having this root of being utterly attracted to girls.

From my previous relationship and through the whole of the past three years was nothing short of breathtaking for my soul; beauty from ashes, joy from mourning, praise from heaviness. All for His glory. My soul has been redeemed, over and over. Topical steroid withdrawal has got to be the hardest ordeal to walk through, and yet, one of the most fruitful. God was and is there through every littlest storm in my soul, He fought for me constantly while allowing me to grow and heal.

God brought me through so much, so much that was going on internally, broke so many strongholds, led me and is still leading me into freedom, to look more and more like Him.


He doesn’t stop somewhere, keeps quiet and hides from us. He is never ashamed of us, works with the most perfectly beautiful blend of introversion and extraversion, quietly behind the scenes, powerfully in the sight of all the world. He doesn’t stop halfway; as the most masterfully skilled artist of the universe, He continues to work intricately in my body, soul, and spirit; continually creating me as uniquely me, allowing me to blossom while growing strong. He is the most incredible being, the most incredible Father, the most important person and words can’t be enough, words never seem to be enough for the magnitude of Him; His goodness spilling out from all of Him. His nature is good; the absolute idea of good. He is love, we don’t know love until we know Him. It has been such a pleasure, and will forever be.

Looking at all this, looking at what He has done, looking at how beautiful He is I can’t help but give all of me to Him and let Him show me what He can with all of the broken pieces of my life, all the ugly bits He took it and didn’t stop there, He makes all of me beautiful, over and over, more and more.

He doesn’t stop there, even as this year’s birthday came in a messy wrapper, little did I know it was part of the design, God’s incredible design where His second most amazing gift came unfolding into a person He has prepared me for. A Man.

(to be continued)