Into 2017.

by Zoe A. Choo


We have fought and we have won, for the battle is the Lord’s and He has shown Himself strong for those who sought Him in peril. He has won the fight for us and we, His beloved and ones who love Him, have risen and will continually rise in His victory.

2017 feels like a year of new beginnings, an entering into the promised land, and rebuilding with new materials. Yet another year of victory.

Once again, 2017, this year is going to be my BEST year yet! Thank You God, come and fall afresh on us Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus, for winning for us. Thank You Daddy, for Your unfailing love, unending grace and mercy; Your faithfulness.

This is the year I will draw so much deeper into His heart, into who He is. Yielding to You every step of the way. All these things scare me, but You had never failed, and You never will. Lord, teach me how to fight. Thank You Jesus, and let me never forget, in the midst of it all, of Your goodness and Your great love, my Daddy God.