The Singaporean Bride

by Zoe A. Choo

This has been in my heart for so long,
and I feel like right at this moment I am conceiving something
my mind is unable to comprehend-
so I’ll let myself be undone,
surrender it all to You over and over,
wave after wave.

Your love crashes over me.
Wave after wave, You set us free.
Wave after wave, You’d carry us forward.

It is You that I want,
It is You that I long for.

All I want is nothing more,
Than to worship you here at Your door.

Let us all begin to sing,
Let us all begin to rise.

For You’re coming,
You’re coming for us.

You’ll pour Your Spirit out on all flesh,
Your young men shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams.

You will reign,
And Your Kingdom knows no end.