Over half a year.

by Zoe A. Choo

Has passed.

And it’s like a group of us has been plunged into hyperspace and witness what usually happens over a course of three years happen in three hours. I am utterly convinced of His power and His love for me, for us. As written in John, as written as He is the Word at the beginning.

Such series of events can only be orchestrated by God Himself, raining down perfectly cut jewels, having angelic beings captured on camera, divine upon divine relationships, healing, deliverance, mentorship, steadfast discipline, freedom.

I never want to stop being hungry, I never want to forget of His precepts that I’ve hidden in my heart and placed it in Him for safe-keeping. I never want to stop being at a place of surrender and while learning to be royalty, to take care of myself, to love myself just as He has loved me. To simply remain in His love, until I am so at ease with who I am in Him and simply watch the enemies scatter. To be present in His presence. To not even try but am utterly convinced I look just like Him, and even can only grow more each day because of His amazing power.

Steadfast. Freedom.

I’m learning to not discipline myself in self-hatred and condemnation and instead, replacing everything with the Truth and only the Truth.

I should try that tomorrow, be still in His presence. No more hiding.