by Zoe A. Choo

We’ve commonly heard the expression, “Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” that typically describes a grumpy start of the day for an individual. Even writing this got me a little cautious as our words carry power.

I’ve recently been confronting–or am fronted by–the very flaws and weakness I have. The little ones that I’ve found a way to hide so well. It was during Kingdom Invasion where I realised I had dropped my call to intercession, in which Holy Spirit personally invited me to join Him in. It’s always the same truth. It’s always been about Him.

So I guess, I’m just taking a step at a time again, every step in consideration of Holy Spirit the dove and my super, cool and awesome best friend. Remember the truth, every day in surrender and following my King Jesus, busking in the love of my Dad who loves me, who loves me, who loves me.

Now, I refuse to believe that there’s such a thing as the wrong side of the bed. And truth be told, THERE ISN’T ONE! Yet every single day, there’s the good side of the bed, where I’m awakened by Holy Spirit, where I can enter His courts with thanksgiving and praises!

His goodness and mercies follow me every single day, His blood covers me because He said, IT IS FINISHED. And it has already been done, the work is done. His laws are written in our hearts, and we’ve been adopted into His family. Every single day, He loves me, He loves us. Every single day, this doesn’t ever change. Full access and full inheritance. Thank You Jesus. So overwhelmed by love.