by Zoe A. Choo

I want to come clean.

I guess I had been riddled with shame ever since my attempt to “conquer grounds” in the spirit had backfired pretty badly. I found myself back in a place I thought was demolished, but there I was! Back again! Yet in and with greater understanding and compassion. (Well… Not quite either.) More accurately, the compassion came only when I found myself back in this place.

Having been in another high place of fair strength and stability, I had forgotten what being in this place felt like and there was when I gained compassion again, as well as understanding, for these people or should I say, my people? Well, I don’t know.

The place I am talking about is actually well, a queer place… I guess.

I guess I’m still kind of in that place, yet, I know that it’s going to be used for good. I cannot hide from Him, I can’t even if I try.